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Is the WAN show late? Yes. How late is the WAN show? Probably very! See a countdown to when WAN is supposed to start, as well as how late it's been before. When is wan? Who is wan? Why is wan? Who knows! When is WAN show? The WAN show is supposed to start at 4:30 PM PST. Despite the scheduled start time, the show is almost always between 1 and 3 hours late. This time is also known as "Linus Standard Time". Thanks, LTT.

The WAN show is (supposed) to start in

22h 46m 17s

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Average lateness

from the last 5 shows
57m 26s late
± 37m 37s
Think of standard deviation as a measure that tells you how much individual values in a set typically differ from the average of that set. If the standard deviation is small, it means most values are close to the average. If it's large, it means values are more spread out from the average, indicating greater variability in the data. Essentially, standard deviation gives you an idea of how consistent or varied the values are in relation to the average.

Median lateness

from the last 5 shows
53m 24s late